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– (Ben Graham’s Net Current Asset Values: A Performance Update) (Greenblatt early Net-Net strategy) (Testing Benjamin Graham’s net current asset value model/Korea) (Testing Benjamin Graham’s Net Current Asset Value Strategy in London) (Marty Whitman Reflects on Value Investing and Net-Nets)–and-why-you-should


Benjamin Graham (Graham – Newman Letters to Partners 1946 – 1958);cc=chla;rgn=full%20text;idno=2844333;didno=2844333;view=image;seq=0003;node=2844333%3A3 (World Commodities and World Currency – 1944)






Warren Buffett (The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville)–should-you–should-you-buy-it-at-29 (Buffett Letters to Partners 1959 – 1975)

Unpublished Berkshire Letters 1969-1976


Seth Klarman (Baupost letters 1995-2001) (30 Big Ideas from Seth Klarman’s  Margin of Safety) (Baupost Letter 2008)

– (Notes To The Book “Margin Of Safety”)


Walter Schloss–2012- (Schloss list to Buffett) Value.pdf Edwin%20Schloss%20Associates.pdf %20Do.pdf 20in%20the%20stock%20market.pdf 20Graham%20%2776.pdf Analysis%20a%20Reminiscence.pdf 20Amended.pdf Money%20is%20Held%20by%20Company.pdf %20Analysis.pdf



Joel Greenblatt–ben-graham-vs-joel-greenblatt–grow-rich-not-trying-very-hard


Dr. Michael Burry (Scion Capital Letters),dailyintel,scienceofus (Scion Asset Management)


Peter Cundill