My Background

How I became a value investor and my background

My background as an investor is definitely not a typical one.

I have not any business school education and I have done my daily work completely different occupation than investing. I have been involved in sport as a professional trainer and manager nearly thirty years.

My interest in investment began in the end of 1990’s. I started to read general investment books in my native language, Finnish. Written in the Finnish language you can find number of textbooks about economy, accounting, finance and investing but not many specialized in value investing.

From these books I found the name Warren Buffett as an example of a successful investor. I started to look for everything written about him. Following this path I found value investing books from United States and later from internet increased number of web links. Through Buffett I found his mentor Benjamin Graham whose most famous works “Security Analysis” and “Intelligent Investor” made me overwhelming impression and influence – and following Graham I have studied many other famous value investors. It has been mind blowing experience. Since then I have been convinced that value investing is the right mindset for me to approach investing.