Updating Sites for Value Investing

In my blog is subtitle Sites for Value Investing and it has been under the construction (ugh) about one year. I am embarrassed of my performance and I have got some feedback also. A couple of readers have mentioned that my Sites for Value Investing are awesome. I have understood this feedback so that Sites for Value Investing is the only part in my blog without any mistakes so far.

One year waiting time was not my plan, but on the other hand I have not been so lazy as you think. I started collecting the material already a year ago. The problem has been that you always find something new from internet (and at the same time some page expires) and I feel again and again like it is not yet complete. Internet is endless source of resource. New pages are created, some expires and you find additional information from some cache. At some point you have to accept that and terminate endless search – it’s better to bring out some information although there are far from perfect. I can always go back to the task and add information If that would make it any easier for me.

Ok, I am now at the point that I can publish Sites for Value Investing. I have chosen a few topics which are the most interesting for me and on which I have worked with the most recently. It does not mean that these topics are necessarily the most important – even for me.

Because value investing generally and deep value investing especially are closest to my heart I will begin with these topics. First I have collected information (internet links) about the most famous practitioners of value investing. We can learn a lot from Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman, Walter Schloss, Joel Greenblatt, Dr. Michael Burry and Peter Cundill. And then there is own section for net-net investing.

In the future I will add many more important value investors and also new issues related to value investing. I will not make a promise when the next addition appears. Maybe it will take another one year! Anyway take a look at and I hope you can enjoy the content.

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